“Freedom of Speech”

Materials 22/11/2011 – 01/07/2012 – information and articles on the Lady Mitchell Hall Occupation, and disciplinary persecution of students involved.

Police intelligence operations against CDE

The Lower Tribunal Vindicated – Jeremy Prynne

Independence ≠ absolution – Bruce Beckles

A world away from the Court of Discipline – Bruce Beckles

Letter to the University Advocate and the Vice Chancellor, 7th March  2012

Letter to the Vice Chancellor 21/02/2012

{Free speech} Noise and the Silence of David Willetts – Lorna Finlayson

Gestural Politics – Isobel Urquhart

Prof. Simon Goldhill condemns student protest

The Parade of Liberal Alarm – Jeremy Prynne

Open letter concerning the Willetts Protest at Cambridge – George Oppitz-Trotman

Open letter concerning the disruption to David Willetts’ speech – Andrew Zurcher

Protest, free speech, and the idea of the University – Priyamvada Gopal


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