08 Mar 2012


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Dr R Thornton
University Advocate
University of Cambridge
Emmanuel College

7th March 2012

Dear Dr Thornton,

We understand that a student has been charged with “recklessly or
intentionally impeding free speech within the Precincts of the
University” in connection with the protest action which took place at
Lady Mitchell Hall on the 22nd of November 2011 when the Minister for
Universities and Science Mr David Willetts was scheduled to speak.

We regard the prosecution of a single junior member of the University
as arbitrary and wrong: we wish to point out that this was a collective
act and that we the undersigned were all involved in it – whether
directly or indirectly, actively or in a supportive capacity. We
therefore ask that the same charge be brought against each of us before
the appropriate University court.

Signed by the following:

RA Alexander
R Arnott-Davies, CC
M Barford, T
N Bazin K
MB Beckles, K
D Benjamin, T
A Booth R
RE Bower CL
R Braude PEM
S Carlo CHU
A Diver CC
CR Doherty JN
A Odin Ekman W
BK Etherington CHU
L Finlayson K
JB Frances K
R Geuss
A Gilligan JN
P Gopal CHU
M Hrebeniak W
K Jenkins EM
J Katko Q
JV Kinsella CHU
S Langsdale K
M Laven JES
A MacDonald K
L McMahon K
L McNulty HOM
TJ Miley DAR
M.J. Morey F
G Mulligan G
C Mouhot K
D Morris CC
F Musallam JN
G Oppitz-Trotman JN
O Oriogun-Williams CL
B Patrick N
C Page SID
T Phibbs K
JH Prynne CAI
JE Riley W
A Ring N
LW Roberts JN
J Scott-Warren CAI
H Sillitoe K
A Shahvisi DAR
GM Stevenson FITZ
S Stillwell G
F Taylor JN
I Urquhart HOM
W Yaqoob PEM
CH Walker-Gore SE
J Whitfield K
H Warner CTH
A Wood T
AE Zurcher Q

cc The Vice-Chancellor

If you wish to be added to this letter, please send your name and 
college to cachecampaigns@yahoo.co.uk posted at


and on this site, here.


Friday, March 9th, 1pm - 3pm, LG16, Law Faculty

You may have seen the news coverage, in the student, national or 
international press, of the Cambridge Union's invitation to Dominique 
Strauss-Kahn to come and speak on the economy. The CUSU Women's Campaign 
is proud to announce that it will be hosting Nafissatou Diallo's 
attorney, who is pursuing a civil case against Strauss-Kahn for sexual 
assault in the US, to discuss the details of the case as well as how 
legal systems can systemically disadvantage both women and immigrants.

Freelance writer, blogger and trade union activist Cath Elliott will be 
speaking on rape myths and the cultural problems that result in 
survivors of rape and sexual assault being ignored or blamed for the 
crimes perpetrated against them. You can see some of her work here: 


Another speaker will be confirmed shortly.

This is a fantastic opportunity to learn more about the institutional 
problems in both the law and society, through the lens of a specific, 
famous legal case, and through a broader discussion of the problems that 
face women who experience sexual violence. This event will be 
particularly relevant to anyone interested in the law, politics, women's 
rights activism, and the media, and is open to all.


*** Background***

Strauss-Kahn lost his position as head of the IMF in May 2011 after 
being accused of rape and sexual assault by Nafissatou Diallo in New 
York. Strauss-Kahn has since been further accused of attempted rape and 
sexual assault by journalist Tristane Banon. Strauss-Kahn admitted 
'sexual aggression', but the case was not able to go to trial due to a 
time constraint on cases of sexual assault in the French legal system. 
He is currently under investigation in connection with a prostitution 
ring in Lille, France.

After the speakers' event, people will meet at 17.30 outside Great St 
Mary's Church, and walk to the Union, where local groups and students 
will protest Strauss-Kahn's presence to speak on the economy without 
reference to the ongoing civil case in the US, and ongoing investigation 
into pimping and fraud. People will have the opportunity to talk about 
sexual violence against women from their perspectives if they wish. See 
the facebook event for more details:



Sir Leszek Borysiewicz has announced that the University is considering 
abandoning state funding in order to become a private institution, The 
Sunday Times has reported.


see also (for subscribers!)



What are universities for? Should they be businesses 'competing on 
price'? Are students 'consumers', concerned only with getting jobs? A 
half-baked market ideology informs official thinking about higher 
education, and it undermines an ideal that a vast number of people cherish.

Read Stefan Collini's article at 


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