CDE / CACHE Conference, Sunday 12 February


SUNDAY 12 Feb. 2012


In January, we learned that the government would not pursue a
Higher Education Bill this year. This was a vindication and a victory for
students, academics, and staff who have spent the last two years
campaigning against the government’s destructive plans for universities.
But while some of the proposals will have been dropped with the HE Bill,
others, it has been noted, “can still be achieved without primary
legislation.” Without the clear chance to oppose government proposals in a
Bill, what are the next steps for those who seek to challenge the
privatisation, marketisation, and overall impoverishment of higher

Join students from Cambridge Defend Education (CDE) and academics from
Cambridge Academic Campaign for Higher Education (CACHE) for a broad
discussion of next steps in the campaign for public universities.

TIME: Sunday, 12 February, 12-5

VENUE: GR 06/07, English Faculty Building, 9 West Road, Cambridge CB3 9DP [A map can be downloaded at]

Please contact with any access queries or requirements, as well as general enquiries.

The conference will feature talks from the following presenters:

ANDREW MCGETTIGAN (independent researcher,

DIANE REAY (Professor of Education, Cambridge; researcher on inequality in education)

UCU and STUDENT ACTIVISTS (to be confirmed)

These presentations will be followed by discussions led by JOHN HOLMWOOD (University of Nottingham; editor, A Manifesto for the Public University; Campaign for Public University) and GURMINDER BHAMBRA (University of Warwick; Campaign for Public University).

Everybody welcome.


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