Cambridge Dons Support Student Protests

Academics’ Statement of Support

We, the undersigned, scholars and teachers in the University of Cambridge, support the students who are occupying Lady Mitchell Hall.

Our senior administrators have failed to resist the current assault upon British universities. Many of our students, however, have bravely opposed it. They have exercised that ‘leadership’ otherwise absent from the University. Given the destructive policies of the present government, enacted without due consultation, we believe that the disruption of the Minister for Universities’ address and the subsequent occupation are proportionate and justified actions.

We call upon the University administration not to coerce, menace or otherwise persecute the students taking part in this protest.

Anne Alexander, CRASSH
Mete Atature, Department of Physics
Hugues Azérad, Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages
Debbie Banham, Department of Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic
Tarak Barkawi, Department of Politics and International Studies
Bruce Beckles, University Computing Service
Deborah Bowman, Faculty of English
Nazim Bouatta, Department of Applied Mathematics and Physics
Christopher Burlinson, Faculty of English
Tim Button, Faculty of Philosophy
Jeremy Butterfield, Trinity College
Sarah Cain, Faculty of English
David Clifford, Faculty of English
Ben Etherington, Faculty of English
Lorna Finlayson, Faculty of Philosophy
Alex Flynn, Department of Social Anthropology
Christophe Gagne, Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages
Sinéad Garrigan-Mattar, Faculty of English
Raymond Geuss, Faculty of Philosophy
Priyamvada Gopal, Faculty of English
Joachen Guck, Department of Physics
Jeremy Hardingham, Faculty of English
David Hillman, Faculty of English
Ed Holberton, Faculty of English
Sarah Houghton-Walker, Faculty of English
Michael Hrebeniak, Faculty of English
Simon Jarvis, Faculty of English
Cindi Catz, Centre for Gender Studies
John Kinsella, Faculty of English
Mary Laven, Faculty of History
Mel Leggatt, Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages
Jeff Miley, Department of Social Sciences
Clement Mouhot, Faculty of Mathematics
Subha Mukherji, Faculty of English
Kamal Munir, Judge Business School
George Oppitz-Trotman, Faculty of English
Ian Patterson, Faculty of English
Jeremy Prynne, Faculty of English
Bella Radenovich, Department of History of Art and Architecture
John Regan, Wolfson College
James Riley, Faculty of English
Josh Robinson, Faculty of English
Mark de Rond, Judge Business School
Corinna Russell, Faculty of English
Jason Scott-Warren, Faculty of English
Adam Stewart-Wallace, Faculty of Philosophy
Isobel Urquhart, Homerton College
Bert Vaux, Department of Linguistics/Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages
Chris Warnes, Faculty of English
Ruth Watson, Faculty of History
Daniel Wilson, History and Philosophy of Science
Andrew Zurcher, Faculty of English


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